Our mission is to be the people God created us to be and to do the things He wants us to do. 


This gets us involved in the life of our community. Here are some of the things we are involved in.



We are a praying church as we believe prayer has powerful effects on our community. As well as corporate prayer groups we join other members of TACT (Tavistock & Area Christians Together) to pray on the streets for healing and meeting needs. 


The leadership team is answerable to Methodist and URC ministers as well as our own people through quaterly Full Church Meetings. 

Leaders normally hold office for 3 years but may continue to serve for longer periods if they feel able to and with the support and endorsement of the Church Council and other leaders.

If you want to contact the leaders please use the contacts page and we will get back to you (hello@bauc.uk)

Children & Young People

We have a small group of children and young people who attend on Sunday and we would like it to grow! We run family based Café style services 4 times a year where we hope that people will come and engage as families in a much more informal way.

Make Lunch

This year we started a programme of supplying meals  during the holiday periods. These normally occur at the Parish Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays but due to current restrictions the team are delivering food parcels to those who needs them! Make Lunch has it's own Facebook Page and people can join in through that or by contacted us at BAUC on our contacts page.

This is part of our mission to share the love of Jesus with our neighbours in practical ways.


We team with the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ located in Tibiao, Antique Province to provide a feeding programme for the under 5s in San Isidro. Since 2013 we have sent funds to help Mum's and health workers provide a cooked meal to around 30 children lifting them out of malnutrition.


We have supplied funds for the rebuilding of a house after a fire; a new boat for one that was wrecked at sea; an outreach building; scholarships for school and college; a new water supply and pump for San Isidro and a new pump house. We are currently helping by providing funds to build a new church building.



Going Deeper visit the Philippines 2015